Reader Question:

exactly what arouses a female now seeing that I’m during my very early 50s and she isn’t?

I’d like the girl is attracted to myself, but I do not want to push the issue of her seeing myself as an adult guy.

-Stan (Kansas)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Stan,

Ladies are interested in the same things the male is: good health, loyalty, cleverness and honesty. Guys may also include beauty and females might add monetary worth.

However you used the phrase aroused. Are you presently dealing with sex just? If it is the case and she actually is a great deal younger than you, you might be talking about an arrangement, not a relationship.

But know this: Women are keen on a man’s brain as much or higher than his human body.

On the other hand, should you decide really wish a romantic commitment with somebody who isn’t your biological fellow, then chances are you’ve reached consider about her good reasons for staying in the relationship.

Healthy relationships tend to be a change of attention and you might sooner or later require a type of treatment this woman isn’t enthusiastic about offering.

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