That hinges on a couple of things. Are you presently nevertheless neighbors together with your ex-girlfriend? If so, subsequently definitely keep her in your fb pal listing so that as a Twitter follower. In my opinion that women and guys is friends — like genuine, platonic pals.

And if your brand new really love interest has actually an issue with an ex publishing friendly circumstances on the Facebook web page, after that she is almost certainly insecure about by herself or insecure concerning your relationship. No person should ever before show exactly who getting buddies with. Remember that.

Having said that, if situations failed to end really with you as well as your ex-girlfriend, then it’s most likely best to cut ties altogether. You won’t want to end up being from your Facebook page for over five hours and get back to a 10-posting string of Tori Amos video clips. Will you? Removing exes away from your own social media marketing just isn’t a black and white subject.

Your choice should-be gauged as to how things had been left.

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